Tuesday, January 20, 2009

So many thoughts and emotions...

It's a new day! A bright new day! Yes, it snowed here in Charlotte last night.

Aretha Franklin can sure sing!

Those little Obama girls are beautiful - as is their mother.

There are millions of people willing to stand in the cold on an historic day in order to say that they were present at one of the most important days of our lifetime.

It was great to sit with my mother and my two children and watch the inauguration in the warmth of family room. (Steve had to go to work - which in these days of rising unemployment is a true blessing, one that we do not take lightly or for granted.)

I hope and pray that President Obama and his new administration find a way to work together with all those in government and all the citizens of this great nation to bring about healing, restoration, and peace, both here at home and all around the world.

I know there will be many disappointments and missteps.
There will be misunderstandings and misrepresentations.
There will be many fingers pointed and fists raised.
He will anger both the left and the right
because of decisions he makes
and decisions he does not make.

But on this day, on this inauguration of our new President,
I celebrate with so many the changing of the guard,
the transfer of power,
the handing off of the baton.

Change has come to America.
Thanks be to God!!!

On a far more personal note, a dear friend and poet, very fortunate resident of the beautiful city by the bay, San Francisco, Maya Stein wrote this poem and sent it out earlier today as a means whereby we can bring today's events in Washington closer to home.

Perhaps today is the first of many swearings in, a date
not just for our new president to occupy his office
but a reminder that we are each our own head of state,
the chief of our decision-making, responsible for keeping peace
with the neighbors while holding our private countries intact.

How would it be, then, to take an oath with a hand
held high, and re-pledge our commitment to preserve and protect,
to keep our borders open to fresh alliances, to spare the land
the razing of our spirit and all that self-destruction we’re so capable of,
and to plant into the earth the belief in everything we love.

Let there be angels!

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