Monday, November 03, 2008

Whatever "it" is...

Between appointments today.
A quick stop at Starbucks for a drink.
Pull out my journal, of course.
Pause. Breathe. Give thanks.
Look down at my cup.

What is "it" that are you looking for?


Karen Maezen Miller said...

As it is. We just don't believe it when we see it, but we never see anything else!

Eduardo said...

Qué trascendentes se ha puesto los de Starbucks......

Amy said...

I love it! BTW, go into Starbucks today wearing your "I voted" sticker, and you get a free tall coffee!

Ella said...

I'm heading to Starbucks today being a "qoute" addict. Beautiful post Gail as always.

I'm givng myslef a break today, though I'm sure I'll pay for it later whenI can't sleep.

The above prayer was lovely too read.