Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gotta take a chance...

Nearly 43 years ago, my parents took a chance on raising a daughter after trying their hand at raising three sons. Over 20 years ago, Steve and I took a chance on a long-term relationship after trying our hand at several less successful attempts with other people. Fifteen years and two weeks ago, we took a chance on brining a child into the world; we welcomed a second soul to join our clan two years and eleven months later. Over six years ago, we took a chance on life in Charlotte after more than a dozen years in suburban Connecticut. Over a year ago, Lisa took a chance to come here to Charlotte to meet us. Last week, this nation took a chance and elected a President who is unlike any other president we have ever had, and not just because of the color of his skin.

The thing is, relationships, raising children, moving to a new city,
making a new friend, and new government officials -
life itself can get wet and messy.

And tangled.

And thorny.

And even rotten inside.

But sometimes, somehow, it works out.
It is beautiful, fragrant, warm, and deeply soul-full-filling.

And even when things don't work out as I hope,
when the messiness is more than I can withstand,
and I have to retreat from the battle line with the white flag waving behind me,
I know that I tried.
I tried really hard.
I did.

In the end, I am learning to sing in the rain!
Life may be messy, but at least I'm alive to make the mess!
Like Billy Blanks says at the end of many of his Tae Bo workouts,
"Everyday above ground is a blessed day."


Lisa said...

OMG! This is a fabulously timely and relevant post for me, my dearest Gail!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Kristiana said...

This means more than you know to me.
Well... you will know just how much it means to me later...
In about 5 hours.


Jena Strong said...

Such a great reminder to me today, surrounded by this present moment - to look back at all the chances I've taken, all the times I've tried so hard, the ones that rotted out from the inside, scraped and bruised me, and the others - sweet and fragrant and beyond worth it.

Glad you took a chance that first time you commented on my blog.

Amy said...

Dear Gail,

Taking risks always involves an element of potential messiness, but look where your choices and risks have taken you. I am in awe of you as a woman, mother, wife and human being.