Friday, October 03, 2008

A Week in Pictures

Prompted by the enormously talented Ali Edwards, I have spent this week taking photos of my life. Where do I go? What do I see when I am there? What catches my eye? I realize that I probably won't produce a scrapbook like many of her other readers and proteges, but I can use the photos in other ways and places. Like here on my blog. So here it is, folks: my week in pictures.

Monday, September 29

These are are my latest toys, early Christmas presents chosen by my husband: front loading washer and dryer. Less water, less electricity, less detergent, fewer loads, and cleaner clothes. They match the wallpaper too. What more could a gal want in a handy-dandy, super efficient laundry duo?

When not washing clothes, I am often found driving one of the children to one of their many activities. On Mondays, Daniel has tennis, and Kristiana has horseback riding. This week, I took my computer and sat at the picnic table above the outdoor ring. This was the view when I looked up from the screen. Magnificent.

Tuesday, September 30

This has been a week of being outside. Walking. Flowers in bloom. The greenest grass I have seen in many an autumn. My two children leading the way - in many areas, not just out on the streets as we stroll.

Sometimes I feel like it is a mile from my head to the ground beneath me. I often doubt that those feet at the bottom of my legs are under the control of my brain; they lead me to the cookie aisle and the chocolate counter far more often than my brain thinks is reasonable. This photo confirms that distance, and I hereby declare my sugar addiction the fault of my independently owned and operated lower appendages.

Wednesday, October 1

Kristiana and I reflected in the window at the library during our morning walk. Notice the school bus in the background. I like to think that all of our walks and activities, all of our conversations and discoveries occur in the shadow of one institution of learning or another. In other words, teaching happens anywhere and everywhere. As does learning.

Turning for home. This is the view as we passed the halfway mark of our morning walk.
A tunnel of trees. Light at the end of the tunnel.
Light at the end of the tunnel of our week as well.

Thursday, October 2

Yesterday Jen Lemen challenged her readers to figure out ways to love themselves. How did I love myself? I took myself out to dinner. Alone. Delicious. Quiet. No one asked me to get up and get them something, to find their favorite salad dressing, to replace their napkin, or to take the kettle off the stove and pour hot water for their tea. Just me, my journal, several pens, an excellent book, and a fantastic meal that I neither prepared nor cleaned up after.

Sitting at my desk last night. Journal open. Computer on. Mind whirring. Once again, alone. Blissfully alone with my thoughts, my dreams, my insecurities, my hopes, my questions, my anger, and my joy.

Friday, October 3

One of my favorite places to exercise. Especially in the morning when no one else is around to see these long, unruly legs heading in the opposite direction of my son's well-placed shots.

My favorite tennis player walking back to the car after this morning's tennis session.

Mine is a good life. I am grateful.


Amy said...

I love the photos! My favorite? The one of you journaling! Thanks for sharing some snapshots of your blessed life.

I just glanced at your profile, and I realize we love many of the same books. Kathleen Norris and Sue Monk Kidd are two of my favorite writers (I love both the Cloister Walk and Dance of the Dissident Daughter.

jmgb said...

i love that you love yourself.
keep saturating yourself in those many moments of your daily life, and they, are worth more than imagined:)

just started 'the glass castle' and want to pass it along...

Ella said...

I think that's an excellent idea. I don't want people to see my mound of sort through stuff. It's bigger than your washer and dryer.

I'd try it, but it would probably be me falling around every where I go.

Oh well...I enjoyed the photos. Very nice!

In Friendship,