Friday, October 17, 2008

I wish you...

Celebrating Kristiana's 12th birthday.
Our awe was at how well Steve had decorated the cake!
Nope, he had never done anything like it before.
I don't think he has ever since either...

Kristiana's 15th birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks.
Daniel's 12th recently passed.
I will turn 43 in December.
Steve has to wait until March to blow out candles.

But today is a day worthy of celebration anyway.
Today is somebody's birthday.
And the day on which someone's soul will be reborn.
I hope it is mine.

On my 40th birthday, nearly three years ago now!

Below is a much-loved poem by Ruth Forman: On This Day.

this is a day without chairs
a day where all the rooms melt together
and there are only corners/corners and humming
wishes and slight breeze
brushing you like palms
this is a day of prayers
a day of painful breaking/a day of peace beneath
a day of arms
of hands
eyes and quiet windows

i wish you love from your mother backwards

i wish you deep tunnels without fear
i wish you children's laughter
i wish you cactus flowers
i wish you moonlight
i wish you real eyes
i wish you a hand across your back/soft like when you were a child
i wish you tears
i wish you clean
i wish you angels in conference around your bed holding you
so there is no space for me even to touch you/just watch

i wish your mother watching

i wish you abalone dreams
i wish you peace
i wish you doves in your kitchen
moonlight in your bathroom
candles when your eyes close and dawn when they open
i wish you so many arms across your shoulders
so many lips kissing your ears that you smile from the inconvenience
i wish you all your babies' love attacking the center of your heart
just so you know they are there

i wish you banisters, railings, and arms around your waist
i wish you training wheels, i wish you strong shoes
i wish you water o i wish you water
through your feet flowing like a stream
and i wish you hammocks
and melon on your eyes
strawberries in your mouth
and fingers in your hand
fingers in your hand all day
through this house
on this day with no rooms
only corners
and an uncommon breeze


Karen Maezen Miller said...

You are exquisitely beautiful, and your children too, on this the day we are all reborn.

jmgb said...

happy day indeed...
i loved on this poem.

Amy said...

I love that photo of you covering Daniel's mouth as you blow out your candles! It's priceless!