Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Six Quirks about me... and gratitude

Itiel tagged me with a new meme. (Does anyone know what "meme" means?")

Here goes a lighthearted look at a few of my favorite oddities/absurdities:

1. I don't like seeing people's bare feet up close: not up on furniture or pointed in my direction if we are sitting on the floor. Wear socks, put shoes on, or sit on top of your feet.

2. I get annoyed with cell phone conversations in otherwise quiet places - like libraries or stores where people are browsing quietly. On my way back from CT on Sunday, there was a woman sitting in the bathroom stall talking, on and on, travel and clothing and friends. Even with the sound of toilets flushing and the like, she kept talking. What's up with that? 2b. I also get annoyed with people talking about their stuff in public settings: expensive bags and shoes and clothing and jewelry and describing it all. Talking about what one owns and how much it cost makes me wanna scream. Especially in situations where total strangers can hear the discussion.

3. I never lend pens that I really like, even if it's just to sign something. I carry extra pens that I am willing to lend to other people. On the rare occasion when I don't have a substitute, I watch the pen like a hawk watches a small mole emerge from a hole in the ground: I never let it out of my sight.

4. I will leave my house without makeup. I will leave my house without my cell phone or my journal - albeit rarely. I refuse to leave my house without making sure I smell good. Some fragrance oil or scented cream or something - smelling bad is not acceptable and inexcusable.

5. Every time I take a flight, just before I enter the airplane, I touch the outside of the plane just to the right of the exterior door of the aircraft. I don't know when I started that or why, but it is a quirky habit I have. And upon leaving, I ALWAYS thank the flight attendants and pilots (if they are visible) for a safe flight and good service.

6. Speaking of travel, another quirk of mine is to speak to the person sitting next to me, even if it a short comment as we both get settled. It seems abnormal to me to be sitting so close to someone that our bodies are touching and yet pretend that they are not there. I try to say something friendly or funny to break the ice. I've never felt like my comment was unappreciated.

What am I thankful for today?
1. The sound of my daughter practicing for her piano lesson.
2. Coffee and a good book.
3. Emails and phone calls from friends, especially those that I don't see very often.
4. Time alone with each of my children today: taking Daniel to school and a long walk with Kristiana.
5. The persistent words of encouragement and support from the women in the journaling class I teach.
6. Great books for free - at the library.
7. Fresh pineapple.
8. A sweaty and challenging workout followed by a hot shower.
9. Clean sheets on a freshly flipped mattress.
10. Bright sunshine on a warm afternoon.


Lori said...

The question should be how is "meme" pronounced. Im assuming that a "meme" is some kind of theme that you focus on to write about. So I guess when you tag someone your taking there topic to also write on to. Clarify! Please?
If I answer it right do I get.
A. Brownie points with the writer.
B. My own "meme" to write about
C. A one way ticket to the looney bin becase I comment on things like this.
Quirks, we all have them, I think maybe Ill tag on this.

Amy said...

I'm getting ready to put fresh sheets on a newly flipped mattress.

I saw my first Caribou Coffee in Greensboro the other day, and I didn't make the time to go in (we don't have them here)!

I'll pray for Daniel's ears.

Smell Goods Lady said...

#1 is very funny to me
#2b i am so with you on that
#4 you got that right (smile)

P.S. I think MeMe is just all about Me. ??

Debra Simons said...

Dear Lord Gail, you are I are so much a like. Scary stuff.

Love Debra