Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Holy Ground

This is the plaque on the ground outside the gate of entry for Wing Haven.

Book Title and Photo Caption: Their Eyes Were Watching God.
Lisa and Doug gaze up at something beautiful in a tree overhead.

In the rooftop parking lot, there were suitcases, carry-on bags, hugs, kisses, and photos.

Moses was told to take off his shoes because the ground on which he stood was holy ground.
I read many years ago that all the ground, all the miles, between friends is holy ground.

Today, Doug, Lisa, Kristiana, Daniel, and I stood together, walked together, ate together, and said good-bye to one another on holy ground: here at home, at Wing Haven, at First Presbyterian Church uptown, in Noda - Charlotte's few blocks of art galleries and groovy shops, eating at Cabo Fish Taco, sipping shakes and coffee from The Smelly Cat Coffeehouse, and at the airport. Every step we took, every place we put our feet, and rested our bodies was holy ground. (Steve was at work; somebody's gotta keep this friendship-homeschooling-travel-journaling boat afloat!)

As they zoom towards Baltimore and then on to Dayton,
Doug and Lisa expand the miles between us -
and all the ground between them and us is holy ground.
As I write this blog, my shoes sit nearby, empty.

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