Friday, April 11, 2008

A Quiet and Eventful Week

These photos were taken in December of 2005 when Karen came to visit me on the occasion of my 40th birthday. Her visit was a surprise to me; hence the look of total shock on my face in the top photo. Plus that fact that she HATES to fly - and yet she was willing to overcome her reluctance for me - I was overwhelmed. It was the single greatest birthday gift and surprise of my life. Notice also the funky hairdo I was sporting when she arrived... In the end, as shown in the bottom photo, those funny little balls (I call them my meatballs) turn into a great hair do.

Quiet and eventful - yes, you read it right.

Several noteworthy events this week: Today is Karen's 40th birthday! No, she probably wouldn't give me permission to make that information public, but I want the whole world to know that my dearly beloved long-distance friend is celebrating her life today. She is celebrating the goodness and grace and mercy of God to her over all the years of her life. Unfortunately, I will not be able to surprise her today... but I will see her in two weeks. In fact, two weeks from right now, I will be with her in Connecticut. Happy B-Day, my darling!!!

Andrew and Laura's baby arrived: Sweet Caroline. Yeah for them both! (Check out their blog --> over on the right!)

Alex and Kate's baby, Gwyneth Valiant, was able to go home last Sunday after spending two extra days in the hospital because of jaundice. We give thanks for that progress.

Check out Jen Lemen's blog also - she is planning a trip to Rwanda and has found in this online community a group of supporters that she didn't entirely expect. Her trip is paid for and more money is still coming in. Blessings on her as she plans this upcoming journey.

My daughter and I have committed ourselves to going on a trip to Nicaragua in August. To work at an orphanage, to feed hungry people, to give lots of people lots of love, hugs, and attention - and to share our lives and our faith with them. It's quite simple really: They are loved. There is hope.

Last night, I watched a movie called "The Darjeeling Limited." Unexpectedly delightful film. The adventures of three previously estranged brothers on a train trip through India. Who trusts whom? What secrets are they hiding? What is inside of all those suitcases? What happened to their parents? Why are they behaving this way? What really happened to the oldest brother's face? Where will they end up? How will they get there? In this film, I saw over and over again the truth that when something goes wrong, when something doesn't work out as we expect it will, most often something unanticipated and fantastic awaits around the next corner. Funny. Heart-wrenching. Insightful. A little strange at times, I won't deny it, but this is a movie I will think about for a long time to come. Be forewarned: this is not a film for children.

It has been a quiet and eventful week. I have read a lot. I have journaled a lot. I have created some colorful art and some tasty food. I have prayed. I have exercised. I have spent excellent time with my family. I have cleaned the house - Lisa and Doug are coming to visit us tomorrow and will be with us until Wednesday. I am meeting Katie for lunch today. We are getting a tax refund. We are all healthy and strong.

Life is good.
God is good.
All is well.


Amy said...

True friendship radiates in those photos! (And you "clean up" very well!)

Your upcoming trip to Central America sounds wonderful. I so want to just go way for a while and do something similar. It's a yearning that continues to gnaw at me.

You're right, Gail. God is good, and it sounds like He has much in store for you in these coming months.

Shelby said...

Friends are the best!