Monday, October 02, 2006

Who, what, where, when, how, and why?

Who are these people that enter our nation's schools to shoot and kill our children? Our teachers? Our beloved family members? Who will our surviving children become as a result of these horrific incidents?

What are these gun-toting maniacs thinking when they look into the face of a child and pull the trigger? What do they think will be the outcome of their behavior? What is it going to take before we rethink our ridiculous policy of allowing anybody who wants a gun to buy a gun?

Where are our children safe? They are abused, neglected, and turned into obese, sedentary, passive-aggressive couch potatoes at home and then sent to school where they can easily meet their doom at the hands of an armed lunatic. Where can our children be children?

When will this madness stop? When will we turn away from violence and violent means to settle disputes and grudges? When will we give peace and disarmament in our homes a chance?

How do we expect the rest of the world to want to be like us when we are like this?

How do I explain this insanity to my homeschooled children? How could I ever seriously consider sending them to public school after three school shootings in one week?

Why do we sell guns at large discount department stores? Why do we sell automatic weapons at all?

Why do we defend our inalienable, and increasingly inexplicable right to bear arms when the place they are most likely to be borne is into a school, a post office, a bank, or a gas station convenience store by someone whose purpose is to wreak havoc, to maim, to kill, and to destroy?

Why is the rate of death by gun so high in this country and so low in so many others?

Why are children so often the targets of our society's violence?


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