Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Next Twelve Days

Tomorrow at this time (8:51 PM) I will be cleaning up after a team meeting here at the house. What team? The four women who will be going to Sevilla, Spain to teach workshops to folks we expect will quickly transition from strangers to friends. One of us will teach cooking, one music, one conversational English, and one journaling. Guess which one I am???

On Thursday, I head to the beauty parlor early in the AM. After all, how can I possibly go to the country that captured my heart twenty autumns ago without looking my very best?

Wow! I hadn't thought about that factoid until I just typed it: my first trip to Europe was in the summer of 1986, and I remained on the continent for the fall semester of that year studying Spanish language, culture, art history, and boyfriend-science from late August until the middle of December that year. My life has never been the same. Yes, it's true: I fell in love with Madrid, Spain, Europe, and Jorge twenty falls ago. I wonder where he is now...

After the beauty treatment, I will make a few stops on my way home. Final packing. Final instructions to the kids. Final hugs and snuggles with Maya. Checking email. Making sure that not only is my last will and testament in order, but also my financial statements - just in case I decide to make a new life there... One never knows, do one???

On Friday, I will enjoy a leisurely breakfast, quiet morning, and decadent lunch with the children. One last check of luggage and carry-ons. Then the early afternoon trip to the airport for our 5:15 PM Lufthansa flight from Charlotte to Munich. Then Barcelona. Then Sevilla.

My return trip on Sunday, the 15th of October, isn't the same route. It's even more bizarre, thanks to Bristish Airways and Northwest Airlines: Sevilla to London Gatwick. London to Detroit. Detroit to Charlotte. Good thing I love to fly. I've got a lot of flying ahead of me.

I'm going away. On the road again.
Meeting new people. Seeing old friends.
Sneaking off for walks in the old city of Sevilla whenever I can.
Wandering through the plazas, parks, and cathedrals that dot that lovely city.
Marveling at the wonders I see, hear, smell, touch, and taste.
Taking photographs.
Reading poetry.
Journaling like a mad-woman.
Actually, I will journal like a deliriously happy woman.
Not mad. Not even a little bit.

Pausing. Dreaming. Wondering.
Thinking. Praying. Talking.
Laughing. Learning. Listening.
Wishing. Missing. Loving.

I covet your prayers, your good wishes, and your words of travel wisdom.
Peace to all of you on your respective journeys.
Traveling mercies.
To me.

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Goddess of Leonie said...

blessed be your journey gail...

it will be just as it needs to be, and intoxicatingly enriching...