Saturday, October 28, 2006

A blog idea taken from Leonie's Blog: "What is Good"

- Saturday night dates with Steve: mojitos and Spanish food tonight followed by raspberry cheesecake (which is not very Spanish)

- last-minute preparation for celebrating Kristiana's birthday on Monday

- recognizing how much she has improved in softball over the course of this less-than-stellar season. She has never lost her will to win or her desire to do better each game than the last one.

- hitting the jackpot with scrapbooking supplies lately: cardmaking and Christmas gifts will soon be in the production stage

- reading other people's blogs: faith journeys, family crises, travel to Japan, turning 40 with pride and gusto. I love to tell the story, but I love to read the story also.

- phone calls and emails from friends helping me solve my clogged drain problems, commiserating with my carpet cleaning trauma, and encouraging Kristiana to get back on her horse. You are the best, all of you.

- emails, text messages, and phone calls "just because"

- planning future jaunts to England, France, Italy, and Spain - with and without the hubby and kiddies

- dreaming about taking month-long escapades every year; we need only decide where to go

- working on the talk I will give to the South Carolina social workers on Tuesday. Yup, they've invited me back. I hope I don't disapppoint them...

- excellent journaling and work on my Spain photo album today

- planning to teach another spiritual journaling class - it is set to begin in January. May many hearts be open to new ways of seeing, experiencing, and recording the story of their spiritual growth.

- settling in to my wonderful, cozy, warm bed knowing that I have an extra hour during which to enjoy it tomorrow morning! I love when we turn our clocks back in the autumn.

Buona notte.

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