Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thankful Thursday - "It's a boy!"

Arthur and Claire already had a set of twin daughters, four or five years old already.
Then they heard this announcement - "It's a boy."
Fifty years ago today, my sweet husband was born.
My joke is that he was born, and my parents immediately celebrated.
I was born a few days less than nine months after him.

Today we will celebrate his life.
We will eat, drink, and make merry.
We will tell stories and remember our 28+ years together.

Nope, it hasn't always been smooth sailing.
His birth family wasn't the Waltons or the Huxtables.
That's all I'm gonna say about that.

Nonetheless, he grew up into a bright, determined, hard-working young man. He graduated from St Peter-Marian Catholic High School in Worcester, Massachusetts, and joined me in the class of 1987 at Williams College. One cold night in January of our senior year, he shook off his mantle of shyness and asked if he could sit next to me at a movie on campus - and we have been together ever since.

After such an unceremonial start, we have traveled many miles, celebrated many milestones, and endured much sorrow since that first night. Four and a half years of dating before being married. Two amazing children. Connecticut. San Francisco. Hawaii. San Diego. Florida. North Carolina. GE. Bank of America. Spain. England. Costa Rica. Puerto Rico. Never missing a college reunion. Kanswer. Bipolar disorder. The death of both of our fathers. Both of our mothers moving to Charlotte.

 This man adores his children

 Giving direction to his boy

Who wouldn't love a man who looks at fashion exhibits at the local museum?!?

Clearing snow - fearlessly

Headed onto the beach

A Hilton Head sunrise

Even though not everyone thought we were a good match, even though we (may) have had that same thought ourselves on occasion, I am enormously grateful that we have stayed together. Through the very difficult times. Through sickness and health. Richer and poorer. Family problems and rejection.

He has blossomed into the most generous, gentle, encouraging husband and father and son.

Hugging his mom 

And today, he reaches the half-century milestone.
Still bright, determined, hard-working.
Still loving, kind, gentle, generous.
Still peace-loving, protective, and loyal.
Still funny, thoughtful, and caring.

I thank God for this man everyday.
Here's to 50 more years, my dear.


Paul Bock said...

Good Evening Gail,
Thank you for sharing this time capsule of your marriage, life and family. I feel most all of us can certainly relate to what you have said this evening. All relationships have the "up's and down's" in Life.We all want a "normal life" but there's just "life" and how we choose to live it with all the uncertainties, it's still beautiful when we choose to live in the "now" and staying in the "light".I wish You and your Husband "Bright Blessings", Always.

Your Friend from Ohio..:)


GailNHB said...

Paul, thanks for your kind words. Ups and down happen in this life, don't they? It's a good thing that we do not have to ride out the ups and downs by ourselves. We have spouses and children and friends and lovers and neighbors and parents and extended communities of faith that see us through. Thanks be to God. Take good care of yourself.