Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A few questions for Jesus

I have spent a lot of time this Lent reading and rereading and pondering and writing about Luke 24, the final chapter of that gospel. Early in the chapter, we read, "Peter got up and ran to the tomb; stooping and looking in, he saw the linen cloths by themselves; then he went home, amazed at what had happened."

Today my mind has snagged on the linen cloths that had been wrapped around the body of Peter's crucified friend, rabbi, mentor, and redeemer. Like the tomb in which they were discarded, the cloths were empty.

That image prompted me to think about the One who had abandoned those linen cloths a few hours earlier. That image prompted me to pen a few questions for Jesus.

* What was that morning like for you, Lord?
* What did you see when you opened your eyes?
* Was it still dark in the tomb or had the stone already been rolled away?
* How did you remove those linen cloths if you were wrapped in them?
* Were angels with you in those early hours or were you alone?

* What were your thoughts as you exited the tomb?
* Did the soldiers outside see you as you walked away?
* Is that why they fainted?

* Where did you go first?
* Did you go see your broken-hearted mother?
* Did the world look different to you after death than before death?
* Were you thinking about how scared your disciples would be when they saw you again?
* Did you smile with the knowledge that Mary Magdalene and the other women would come to the tomb and find you gone?
* Did you shudder with the thought of their story being considered an idle tale?
* In this chapter, you appear first to those two men who are walking to Emmaus? Why them? Why not the larger group of your followers?
* What is so special about the breaking of the bread? Why were their eyes opened then and not sooner?
* Why did your stories and your presence make their hearts burn?
* Why did your disciples and friends sometimes not recognize you?

* And what about the rest of this crazy story - your virgin birth, your miracle-working life, your brutal execution, your resurrection from the dead, your amazing grace, and your death-defying love - how are we supposed to explain it or prove it or convince other people to believe it? 

* What are the dark places in my life where stones need to be rolled away so the light of your love and healing can enter?
* How often are my eyes blinded and my mind darkened so much so that I miss your presence and don't see you walking with me along the way?
* Who am I supposed to tell about the ways in which you show up and show off and show yourself faithful and true, loving and ever-present in my life?
* What will be the first thing or person I will see when I open my eyes on the other side of death? Sweet Lord Jesus, I sure hope yours is the first face I see. 

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