Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thankful Thursday

* long walks on unseasonably cool July mornings

* a three hour conversation with a dear friend punctuated by laughter, tears, gasps, and head shakes. We shared stories of church sagas, being alone but not lonely, travel, spiritual growth, and food.

* locally grown tomatoes given to us by a neighbor

* homemade pasta sauce over egg noodle linguine - I will miss my daughter/personal chef when she goes back to college in just over two weeks

* having neighbors that stop their cars and chat before heading off to do errands or to work

* eating toast made from bread that was baked this morning at a bakery that is a mile from my house

* Rodney Yee's yoga workouts - my dream is that someday I will be able to sit in lotus position

* time spent decluttering closets and bookshelves, then donating the decluttered items to Good Will

* lunch yesterday with my daughter and the senior pastor of our church - it is a precious and beautiful thing to be welcomed into a community of faith, heard, seen, and invited to share my story

* the lessons learned in and from walking a labyrinth

* seeing my family in a llama family

* sunrise on the beach

* breakfast and a good read at the beach house

* "Time stands still best in moments that look suspiciously like ordinary life."

* I am grateful for the extraordinary beauty and joy of ordinary days

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