Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thankful Thursday

I am grateful for Jen Lemen, her cute little toes, and her spirit-lifting quote cards.

 I am grateful for the beauty, the quietness, the brevity of the snow.
I am grateful that we didn't lose power during or after the storm.
I am grateful for the meteorologists who kept us informed 
about the severity of the storm,
the department of transportation employees who worked to keep the roads from getting too icy,
and for the emergency workers who assisted the drivers who had accidents
and those who were stranded because of impassable roadways.

 I am grateful for the time we spent on the Isle of Palms last weekend 
before Daniel played tennis on Daniel Island.
I am grateful that there is an island whose name makes me smile everytime I say it.

I am grateful that we were able to safely exit our ice encrusted neighborhood last Friday morning.
I am grateful that we were able to drive to the tournament and back safely.
I am grateful for highways, exit ramps, rest areas, and gas stations.
I am grateful for tires that don't go flat, engines that don't die, and 
GPS that doesn't lead us (too far) astray.

I am grateful for the friends we have met through tennis.
I am grateful that my son has found a sport he loves to play.
I am grateful for the opportunity to watch him compete.

I am grateful that my daughter continues to be happy in college.
I am grateful for the friends she has made - with other students and with professors.
I am grateful for the ways in which she has settled into her newly granted independence.

I am grateful that she survived the experience of getting her first tattoo.
I am grateful that she didn't get it on her face or neck.
I am grateful for the peace of knowing that even if she had done so,
that would be her story and not mine.

 I am grateful for the pizza with arugula, green apple, carmelized onion jam, and goat cheese 
(hold the mozzerella!) that I ate at Vespa's on Daniel Island.
The second time, I also had an arugula salad with beets and other goodies.
I am grateful for the peppery perkiness of arugula, the sweetness of carmelized onions,
and the crunch of sea salt.
I am grateful for the people who love to cook for people like me -
who don't love to cook.
I am grateful for the simple, yet profound pleasure of enjoying good food.

 I am grateful for the beautiful full moon that watched from above with 
Daniel and his partner played doubles on Saturday night.
I am grateful for the beauty of creation - 
the sun, the moon, the stars,
the palm trees, the sea shells, the Spanish moss hanging from the trees,
the strong and gifted young tennis players who were there,
the island on which the tournament took place.

 I am grateful for 24/7, a place of prayer and meditation on 15th Street here in Charlotte.
I am grateful for the many little nooks and corners where I can sit, think, journal, 
and also read the prayers and look at the artwork created
by others who have taken refuge there.
I am grateful for the brave, resourceful, prayerful, generous people who began 
the 24/7 prayer movement and have spread it to 25 countries.
I am grateful that even though I have no real idea how or why prayer works,
I do know that prayer has changed me and strengthened me.
I am grateful for those who pray with me and for me.
I am grateful for the people I pray for.
I am grateful for the gift, the privilege, the honor of prayer.
I am grateful to and for the God who hears and answers my prayer.

I am grateful for my spiritual director, Pat, whom I met with yesterday 
at the Spirituality Center of Charlotte.
There were several quotes on the walls there, 
quotes that will inspire and encourage me in the days to come.
Here are two of them.

I am grateful for Thursdays -
and the way this day prompts me to express my gratitude openly and publicly.

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