Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What's Your Deepest Question?

This morning, I read something that moved me, challenged me, and encouraged me. I've mentioned Kristin Noelle and her blog before, but this morning's post resonated with me more than any other, I think.

Please read it here at this link.

And then ask yourself, what is my deepest question?
What is the question that wakes you up at night, that distracts you during the day, that shortens your breath and tightens your chest when you ponder it?

Does he still love me?
Will anyone ever love me for who I am, screw ups and all?
Was it my fault?
Is there enough for me?
What if it happens again?
Do I matter to anyone?
What if there is no God?
Why us?
Why did that happen to her?
Why did that not happen to me?
Doesn't anyone care enough to help?
Will I ever be noticed?
What if there is a God?
What if I am alone forever?
Will this suffering ever end?
Why is there any suffering at all?
What if I'm wrong?
What if I'm right?
Why me?

My deepest question is buried in that list, but in truth, I've asked myself every one of those questions.

In the end, and all along the way, I can choose trust.
I can choose joy.
I can choose peace.
Those choices may not and often do not come easily to me.
Or to anyone.
But we all have a choice.
At every moment of every day, we have a choice.
I pray that we will choose trust, joy, and peace more often.

At those times when we choose fear, bitterness, and anxiety instead,
may we somehow be reminded that,
unlike in the realm of politics,
it is okay to change our minds.

At those times when I choose cynicism, criticism, and ostracism instead,
may my next thought be: it's time to flip-flop.

At those times when you choose rejection, retribution, and revulsion,
may you decide for hope and for change.

What is your deepest question?
Perhaps it doesn't matter.
Perhaps it is enough to trust that all is well.
If all is not well at this present moment, let us hold onto the hope that all shall be well.
Sometime, somehow, all shall be well.

In the meantime, trust anyway.
Hope anyway.
Love anyway.

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