Monday, August 06, 2012

There's nothing else to say...

Buckled into our seats for our flight from Charlotte to NYC.
Have journal, have backpack, will travel anyplace.

Coffee at Kim's. She did an Ironman Triathlon! She did the whole thing! That woman is my hero!

Riddle me this - who needs two Great Danes? Jill and Bill do, that's who. Fantastic dogs, even better people.

Fourteen years after taking a memoir writing class together at Norwalk Community College, 
we are still friends.

We walked, talked, shopped, ate, meandered through museums, and 
deepened already profound connections.

Judy, my soul leaps and dances like this whenever we are together.

Val knew me long before I got pregnant with Kristiana. Who wouldn't want to remain friends with someone who smiles that broadly when she sees your daughter???

On Times Square with Elmo, followed by discovering the place where Project Runway is filmed 
and Team Mondo was born. My sweet girl's Big City dreams came true.

Samson just might be our second favorite dog. His family ranks mighty high in our lives as well.

I took more than 100 photos at Matthew and Monisha's wedding.
They sure know how to throw a party.

And then, in a flash, we were back on the ground in Charlotte.

It's official - there's nothing else to say but, "Thank you."

Thank you to the Powells for being our first place to land and a great place to start our adventure.

Thank you to the Hookers for making us feel so at home in your home. You touched our hearts in ways you cannot imagine.

Thank you, Tanja, Esra, Adara, and your adorable French guests, for a delicious lunch and a delightful conversation. It was an honor, a joy, and an encouragement to meet you all in person, finally.

Thank you, Jill, Bill, Gemma, Solomon, and Gideon, for making room for us in your home for a few hours. And don't get me started on that pizza... Jill, you should go into business.

Thank you to Susie, Pamela, and Judy, members of The Suburban Women's Writing Group, for reuniting again and for the anticipation of celebrating 15 years by the lake.

Thank you to Dinah for finding and meeting us at the Europa Cafe.

Thank you to the Heins' for all the points on living within the points.

Thank you, Val, for your smile, your laughter, your stories, and your joyous spirit.

Thank you to the Schweizer-Lienhards for the apartment, the time at your table, the dog, and your reckless hospitality.

Thank you, USAirways, the TSA, and everybody else who had anything to do with our two flawless flights, for doing all that you do to make travel safe for us all.

Thank you to the fine folks from Citibank Visa for not rejecting my card at any point during this trip. I did a lot of shopping, and it would have been embarrassing for you to tell me, "enough is enough." I promise to let the card take a vacation for a while.

Thank you, Steve and Daniel, for taking care of the dog and the house while we gallivanted up and down the East Coast. Thanks for insisting that we fly; driving would have been a drag. Plus I probably would have shopped even more if we had had the entire minivan at our disposal.

Thank you to everyone I forgot to thank. I haven't forgotten. I just didn't remember.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Thanks be to God!

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