Sunday, August 19, 2012

I need to sit my body and soul down for a good long time

Start by reading this piece by one of my other favorite writers, then come back here
and see what is making my soul, heart, mind and body sit down these days.

1. Today I watched a friend preach a sermon in which he referred to the trip we took together to Haiti this past March. My body was already sitting as I watched this morning's sermon online, but my soul sat down and sighed over the newly reawakened memories of my time in that beautiful, sad, poor, welcoming place.

2. This afternoon, I spent time in silence, conversation and prayer with two of my closest confidants. It is always a pleasure to be in the company of people who think, read, pray, listen, teach, and love with all their heart, soul, mind and strength.

3. Last Wednesday morning, I drove to Lumberton, North Carolina, with my son to meet up with a tennis buddy of his. We drove past hundreds of acres of corn fields, miles of scorched stalks with dead cobs. Drought is ravaging this nation of ours while floods are washing away cities and towns elsewhere. Earthquakes leave bodies broken and families shattered. Cancer. Divorce. Bankruptcy. Hunger. Homelessness. Loneliness. Gotta take a good long sit and ponder those sorrows.

4. Movie theaters torn apart by gunfire.
Religious meeting places suffer the same horrors.
Unsuspecting shoppers killed by maniacs.
Officers of the law killed by colleagues.
Spouses, parents, and other "loved ones" carry out acts of unspeakable horror on one another.

Yes, that is me with my son when he was a little fellow.
Could he have been any cuter???

5. One of Daniel's former tennis coaches has throat cancer. Another former coach is facing charges of indecent behavior towards minors - his tennis players.

6. Eight days ago, I had the opportunity to speak to a Sikh man who had recently returned from visiting with the victims and families of victims of the shooting in Wisconsin. I know his daughter and granddaughter, Noor, because Noor is a tennis player here in North Carolina. Apparently, it was the first time that he had gone to a tennis tournament in which she was competing. I am glad I had the privilege to speak to him, not only about Noor's success on the court and her character and courage in the face of a poorly behaved opponent and an unruly crowd, but also to extend condolences and wishes for comfort and peace at such a difficult time for him and those who share his faith in this nation. I told him how sad I was that even places of worship are not always places of refuge and safety. Later, when I thought back on that conversation, I sat down and wept. Reportedly, he did as well.

7. My daughter has begun her second year of college.
My son is the number one sixteen year old male tennis player in the state.
My husband is gainfully employed.
We have health insurance, a home we love, and two reliable vehicles.
We travel freely. We eat healthy and tasty food.
We are loved. We are profoundly blessed.

8. I leave on Tuesday to spend eight days sitting, in silence, in prayer.
Remembering names, faces, stories, joys, tragedies.
Writing, reading, walking, sleeping, praying some more.
My body and soul will sit down and rest.
Eight days of silence with The One I Love Most Of All.

If there is anything you want me to pray for on your behalf or on behalf of someone you love, feel free to leave a comment here or send me an email at before Monday, August 20th at 11 pm. Actually, feel free to write anytime over the next eight days. I will lift prayers for everyone who thinks of me, who writes to me, who remembers me.

Names, faces, stories, places, memories, hopes, dreams, the present and the future.
Every single one that crosses my mind will be lifted up.

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