Tuesday, July 03, 2012

"Beautiful Truth"

Recently I was directed to a book on Amazon called, "Steal Like an Artist." I haven't bought it yet; I'm too busy reading as much of it as possible thru the "Surprise Me" pages. I'm too busy stealing like an artist.

Yet another of my favorite bloggers has provided me with an idea to steal and emulate. It is from my supportive, strong, brave friend, Jen Gray, that I have stolen today's inspiration and the title for this post.

Beautiful Truth

What beautiful truth about you and your life have you always known but never fully acknowledged to anyone, even yourself?
What beautiful truths about you and your life have you never dared to look at, cling to, and live as if you truly believed it???

Here are a few of mine -

* I have a huge, wide-open, generous heart.

* I am whole, healed, and free.

* I am enough - just as I am.

* I have everything I need to face all that is yet to come.

* I love deeply and passionately.

* I am deeply and passionately loved.

* I am learning to love myself in deep and passionate ways.

* I have the mind of Christ - a mind characterized by peace, by courage, by wisdom, by grace, by hope and by joy.

Even though I frequently forget all of the above,
even though I deny these truths more often than I embrace them,
even though I often live as though these things are not true about me,
they are still true.
They always will be true.
They are beautiful and true.
And that is my beautiful truth for today.

I wish you freedom, love, joy, peace, beauty and truth
today, tomorrow, and every day.

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