Wednesday, May 09, 2012

After all the sound and fury...

Now that the votes have been counted,
now that the amendment has passed,
now that hearts have been broken,
now that old fears have been made new again,
after the raised fists are lowered,
after the lowered heads are raised,
the question is this - How now will we live?

How now will I live?
How will I show my love to those with whom I vehemently disagree?
How will I extend love and grace to those whose words and attitudes have been so hurtful?
How will I extend love and grace to those whose hopes have once again been dashed?

I recommit myself to love.
To peace.
To acceptance.
To conversation, to dialogue.
To listening to stories and telling my own.

I recommit myself to living fully and loving the same way.
I recommit myself to asking questions and living without answers.
I recommit myself to apologizing for the angry words, the insensitivity, the sorrow inflicted on anyone and everyone caught in the crossfire of vitriol that has wounded many residents of my home state.
I recommit myself to making all people, regardless of race, gender, religious practice, sexual orientation, welcome in my home, in my life, and in my heart.

After all the sound and fury, that is how I will now live.
This is how I will continue to live.

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