Thursday, February 23, 2012

One week from now...

I will be in transit to Haiti. To this place, to meet some of these children, to have my heart broken wide open, filled with a new vision and understanding of the world in which they live, and then mended again by the love I know they will surround me with. I have traveled enough to know that the little that I will give to them will pale in comparison with the great riches of kindness, smiles, stories, joy, and welcome that they will extend to me.

This is a video taken on a trip to the same school this past December.

I have heard that the people there will assume that I am Haitian and that I speak Creole. In that regard, I know I will be a sore disappointment to them. I am planning to seek out a classroom of students studying Spanish and put my language skills to use there. Otherwise, I will rely on the English speaking teenagers and the universal language of hand-holding, hugs, and playing catch with tennis balls. 

I cannot wait to get there! But I'm gonna have to wait one more week. Our group of ten leaves early on the morning of March 1st and returns early on the morning of March 6th. 

I covet your prayers, your kind thoughts, your best wishes for a safe journey. I promise to return with hundreds of photos, dozens of stories, a journal full to overflowing, and a radically transformed perspective on the world and this life I live. 

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