Thursday, January 05, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Today, I'm thankful for -

* the feather I found in our frontyard while walking Maya this morning. the last time I found a feather was on the final morning of my silent retreat at The Jesuit Center back in July. Feathers make me think of birds, nests, flight, and the movement of the spirit of God, often depicted as a dove.

* a successful and informative first visit to a new internist this morning. I hadn't had a check-up in years, a non-OB-GYN check up, that is. I like her. Her assistant, not so much. But she seems like a good doctor.

* several deep, meaningful, and challenging discussions with my children over the past few days. Setting goals. Choosing dreams to pursue. Who they are and who they might grow up to be. Love, patience, grace, and how they are surrounded by these and many more gifts of God. Reminding them that, no matter what path they choose, no matter where they end up, we will love them and be here for them and with them. Having them listen, smile, and invite me closer for hugs and more conversation.

* I went to the library to pick up a book I've been waiting for since late November, The Warmth of Other Suns, and while strolling around the stacks near the checkout, I found a book that a dear friend recommended to me just a couple of day ago, The Resolution for Women. I almost bought it on - then I remembered that this is my year of not shopping. I was glad that I found it at the library!

* Five days of success in not shopping. As I mentioned, I am hoping to get through 2012 without buying any new clothes, shoes, journals, pens, art supplies, or books. The only foreseeable problem with that decision (other than the daily temptation to buy stuff) is that I'm taking a watercolor painting class starting in early February and may need to buy supplies for that class. Otherwise, I'm going to be using what I have this year - and like most of the people I know, I've got a lot of stuff in my closet, in my drawers, on my shelves, in our art and crafts boxes, on my nightstand, and many other places in my house. I did this "no shopping for a year" thing once before, and loved not only how resourceful I became in doing what I needed to do with what I had, but also the realization of just how much I did have and how little I needed to purchase. I am looking forward to more of the same this time around. 

* An unexpected five hours of quietude and solitude in my house. Tennis, the movies, and paid employment distracted the other three people who live in my house. So I walked the dog, cooked dinner, listened to prayers online, journaled, did laundry, sat, stared out the window, and I baked a pan of gingerbread...

* Gingerbread for a private party with Patti Digh and a few hundred of her closest friends. It's a new year's, new life, new dreams party - online. I need a cupcake (I don't like cupcakes, but I do like gingerbread), a candle, a match, my journal, and a fistful of pens. It starts soon... so I've gotta end all this gratitude stuff and get ready in a minute.

What are you grateful for today?
Do share a few things.
I'd love to hear from you.


Missoyaa said...

Hi Gail,

I have read few of your writings nice to have people like you who love to write and share it. You will be surprise to know people who read it even there are far away (so nice). Lastly, keep smiling and G.B.U


GailNHB said...

Thank you, Missoyaa, for your kind words and affirming comment. It is great to know that there are readers "out there" finding their way here. Please come back.

God bless you, too.

Peace, Gail

Missoyaa said...

You are welcome :)