Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Every little once in a while...

Every now and then, I am stunned by the beauty of a single moment, by the wonder of mid-afternoon sunshine, and by the harmony of concrete and steel and glass.

In a perfectly, extraordinarily ordinary moment, suddenly I am lost in a tangle of thoughts, imagining all the stories that had to be lived out and lived through in order for that intersection to be created. Beams, windows, cranes, forklifts, electricity, wiring, waterpipes, street lights, crosswalks, trees, curb cuts, and statues, that were either built or deposited there years ago. Buses, automobiles, drivers, pedestrians, police officers, homeless men and women, and me. In that split second, there we all were. Breathing, looking, listening, walking, driving, riding, planning, hoping, pleading, searching, wondering and wandering.

This life, these days, this moment - how often I ignore the magnificence of it.
Sometimes, though, the radiance is undeniable.
There is so much beauty.

I am profoundly grateful.
Thanks be to God.

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