Thursday, May 20, 2010


I spend most of my day, most of my life, surrounded by family and friends.
Creating art, reading stories, taking and teaching classes.
Talking, laughing, listening to and telling stories.

Singing, dancing, exercising and watching television.
Driving, shopping, eating salad and drinking coffee.

But at the same time, I feel contentedly, happily, joyfully all alone.
At home in my inner solitude. At peace with my inner silence.
Ever aware that my heart and soul are mine to tend and nurture and protect.

Surrounded on all sides. Under observation. Close scrutiny.

Seen, but unseen.

Noticed, but unnoticed.

Known, but profoundly unknown.


Anonymity has its advantages.

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Yep. I SO get this.

Anonymity is one of my favorite places to dwell.

Here's to claiming more of it for ourselves, dear friend.