Thursday, May 13, 2010

8 Things - Small Gratitudes

Magpie Girl has a wonderful little thing she does every week called 8* Things. I love her lists. And this week, I decided to imitate her and make a list of eight things I am grateful for tonite.

1. Breaking and entering into my mother's apartment with a dear friend - and sipping rose brut while laughing and crying and eating red velvet cupcakes and planning our own private prison break

2. Prismacolor markers in a rainbow of colors

3. cardio funk class - breaking a serious sweat

4. the impending visit of Lisa!!!

5. the season's first sweet, seedless watermelon

6. getting our shower fixed - no more dripping

7. Dr. Bronner's peppermint soap

8. you tube videos on art journaling, especially this one and this one.
I actually made a journal for myself based on that first video. Yay!!!


Mary Anna said...

I had never committed a crime before, but, breaking and entering sure felt great. I am too, grateful for the time we spent together.

Moneesha said...

You did not surely "break & enter" your mother's apartment!!?? And pray tell where was your mother while all this transpired?! *o)