Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wise Words from a Wise Woman

On her swirling, shining, gorgeous and colorful blog, Leonie wrote:

"My life hasn’t always been a perfect unravelling of all the things I wanted, happening at the time I deemed as being the right time.

Boys didn’t love me back, some dreams didn’t come true, parts of my family created war against each other, car accidents, and grades that weren’t as high as I wanted them to be. I didn’t get the pony I wanted. Prince Charming didn’t come flying in on a white horse without any personal challenges of his own, and he didn’t save me from myself - I had to do that on my own.

Remember my post The Worst Thing In The World Could Be The Best Thing?
All those things that I could have registered as being bad.
All those things I could have seen as being a failure of the Universe to provide to me.

And yet, the big, brave, beautiful truth of it is…

Whatever I am given, it is the right lesson and the right medicine at the right time."


michi herself said...

So true!!!
I am so thankful for the hard times - and some of the hard times were unbearable - but, they have helped me become the person I am today.
Thank you.

ragamuffin diva said...

I love, Leonie. Once I had her on my blog, and you wouldn't believe how I had to defend her presence there because she called people "goddess." It was so bizarre.

And that woman keeps growing in wisdom and love. There's gotta be a lotta God in that, don't you think?

I miss you. Write soon!

Moneesha said...

That's so true and I'm glad you chose to remind us all of that!