Saturday, January 30, 2010

On the other hand, winter is wonderful...

Winter is wonderful for snuggling and being cozy together.
Winter is wonderful for sitting around in my robe and slippers all day.
Winter is wonderful for reading a few of the books piled around my desk.
Winter is wonderful for writing blogs, reading blogs, surfing the net, and clandestinely, virtually stalking loved ones and ones I wish I could love.
Winter is wonderful for discovering and imbibing in new coffee and tea flavors.
Winter is wonderful for watching movies while munching on hot popcorn.
Winter is especially wonderful for making big pots of soup.

Winter is a fine time to allow my imagination to wander and my dreams to bloom.
Winter is a fine time for spontaneous meetups with good buddies at Starbucks.
Winter is a fine time for playing cards and board games and computer games with the kids.
Winter is a fine time for decluttering the house, rearranging art work and wall hangings, for moving furniture around, and for finding new reasons to love this strong, warm house we have been blessed to live in.

Winter is the season when the best sales happen; it's the best time to fill the pantry and shelves and drawers.
Speaking of sales and shopping, winter is also when my birthday comes around: It's December 14th for those of you filling in your birthday calendars for the new year.

Winter is the season when we celebrate the birth of The One I believe in most.
Winter is the season when the music and lights remind us that the darkness and silence won't last forever.
Winter isn't easy, no, but nor does it last forever.

However, if I allow myself a few moments each day to bask in the blessings of winter, in the great blessings that my life has been graced with, to be grateful for each and all of them, then I can admit, I can rejoice in the fact that, on the other hand, winter is - or can be - indeed a wonder-filled time of year.

PS. I plan to indulge in many of the aforementioned blessings of winter today. It snowed here in Charlotte last night, so we are holed up here at home for the day... at the very least.


Lisa said...

Amen to all of that!

Wishing you ALL the blessings that come with embracing winter :-)

Semi-A said...

I think you forgot hot cocoa Aunty! Enjoy your Sunday!

lulliloo said...

just stopping by to say...i miss you.

and i am going to start, slowly, writing again.


GailNHB said...

I look forward to seeing your writing again. I have missed you as well.

Thanks for the good wishes. Happy winter to all of you.