Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Need a lift? A great story of adventure?

Then check this out.
Welcome home, Launa. Welcome home.

I am convinced that no one in the world loves to travel more than I do. No one loves to fly more than I do. To pack and unpack and repack and underpack and overpack and then wing my way across the ocean with one carry on bag, no matter how long my stay overseas. I love every minute of the journey: the ride to the airport, the waiting for the flight, getting thru customs, walking past all the people waiting for bags to arrive, and zipping to my ground transportation. There is a lesson to be learned every step of the way, a sight to be seen, and joy to be absorbed, a smile to share, and a journal entry to be documented. I am never happier than when I am on a journey.

So following Launa and her family adventure in France this year has me chomping at the bit for another trip, dreaming up itineraries and menus for my family, all while praying for the peace and safety of a dear and distant friend and her loved ones in a country I know precious little about.

Someday it will be my turn to take my brood on such a great adventure. Someday...
In the meantime, I read her blog and marvel at all she has experienced.
(I will say it again: it will be well worth your time to take a look at this most recent post of her blog.)

Dream up your own journeys, your own adventures.
And give thanks for every safe passage you have had up to this point in your life -
not only the big trips, but also the little ones.
The trips to the supermarket and the pharmacy.
The walks to church to receive the Eucharist.
The loathsome drives to doctor's office appointments.
The repetitive pick-up routes to schools and after-school programs.
Greeting new friends at the airport and returning them there after too-short visits.

Every journey is a journey, one for which we can give thanks.
One from which we can learn a hard-earned lesson.

Traveling mercies were with Joseph and Mary and her unborn son as they made their way to Bethlehem more than 2000 years ago for the birth of the One whose Life and Death and Resurrection give meaning and purpose and hope to my daily journeys.

Traveling mercies were with Launa and her family as they made their way back to the States last weekend.

I wish traveling mercies to N on her journey today and over the next two weeks.

May traveling mercies be with us on our upcoming Christmas journey.

May goodness and mercy follow us and lead us and fill us and surround all of us
all the days of our lives.

Bon voyage.
Buon viaggio.
Buen viaje.
Safe passage.

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Launa said...

OH, Gail -- how kind of you to link up to my crazy family adventure! Having you as my nearly daily touchstone has been crucial.

Happily, Christmas was downright uneventful...