Tuesday, December 01, 2009

It's not everyday...

that my face and a few of my words appear in print. So when such a thing happens, I want to shout it from the rooftop - but not sound too braggadocious. Anyway, when you have a moment, take a peek at this!!!

I am a homeschooling mother with a wandering soul.
Hear me roar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ragamuffin diva said...

You looked good, girl! We have some things in common. Hey, how is Robert Benson's book? Love him!

Lisa said...


Woot! Woot!

I've been looking forward to this unveiling! What a wonderful joy to behold!

And to say that I know you...and your beautiful wandering/wondering soul...truly awesome!

Smell Goods Lady said...

Gail, that was awesome! Thank you for sharing. You look beautiful too. ;)