Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ordinary. Perfect. Holy. Still.

Many are the days, the hours, the moments that are perfectly. ordinary. wholly. holy. Those are the days, the hours, the moments when I feel and go deeper. still.

Here are a few such moments from my time in Spain.

Coffee and digestive cookies for breakfast.

A burger, fries, and lemon soda for lunch.

The view from a city bus I rode in Madrid.
On my way to a child's 3-year-old birthday party.

Bathtime for Alvaro.

In the car on the way back from the beach. Talking. Telling stories.

On a walk in Sevilla - just before dinner.

Eating dinner later that same night.

These are the days, the hours, the moments that make my life so outrageously, magnificently perfect, ordinary, holy, deeper, still.


Laurie said...

Ah... I live a secret life through you, my journaling friend. I love to hear of your adventures and see pictures of little "snippets" of your life. Thanks for sharing again. My life, you ask? Well, if you check out my blog you will see that my life has taken a huge path change. I all but lost my husband but I praise God he survived and is healing here at home. I would have rather been traveling in Spain (or anywhere) that spending the past month watching my husband await open heart surgery.... such is life, I guess.

Lisa said...

How lovely...

My, how I miss McVitie's Digestives!

What's up with the woman exercising on the Fontaneda mug?

SO glad you continue to go deeper into the wholly holy ~ and connect with such wonderful memories that enrich your present :-)

jena strong said...

What a day. What a life.