Thursday, July 09, 2009

"We can't be perfect...

but we can be whole."

That's what Melodee wrote in an email she sent to me earlier today.
Well said. Perfectly timed. A true word spoken to a woman in need of truth and wisdom and encouragement to release the urge for perfection.
Taken on as a new prayer and mantra and perhaps even a future tattoo.
Used as inspiration for a colorful journal page.
And a new mess on the dining room table.

Thanks, Melodee.
And thanks to you too, Jen, for your reminder of all that I deserve.


Lisa said...

Ack! You're right....I LOVE IT!!!

Count me in for the tattoo :-)

And, yes, I adored that post from Jen's blog, too.

Wish I could be sitting, creating, meditating at that table with you.


lulliloo said...

wholeness is always more lovely than perfection...more approachable, more pure; complete.
perfection i think is saying that there is nothing lacking, wholeness is honoring that despite cracks/brokenness/tainted remnants, that there is still completeness.
and that's the invitation dear love that i want to join you in~