Wednesday, May 27, 2009

In the land of giants...

Shadowed by powerful friends,
Punitive foes.

Overwhelmed by internal fears,
External conflicts.

Feeling unnoticed,

Sit still.
Breathe deep.
Stand firm.
Walk steadily.
Live fully.

I often feel small, insignificant, unimpressive,
overshadowed, unprepared.
But still... But still...

Celie said it so well in The Color Purple:
"I may be poor. I may be black.
I may be ugly. But I'm here."

Kristiana spotted the car as we pulled into a parking space last night.
I had to take a picture. I absolutely had to.


Lisa said...

Oh, my. I don't know what gremlin has a hold of you, dear Gail, but we may need to have an exorcism performed.

Remember that conversation we had about Jen Gray? Well, the absolute same applies to you!!!

Perhaps it's time to open up the ole' Mutual Admiration Society. You are one of the most amazing and beautiful people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing...and there are oodles of compliments waiting to come your way. :-)

At least for now, a dose of India Arie singing Beautiful Flower on YouTube might help. Go there right now and soak it in!

GailNHB said...

Nope, no gremlins, Lisa. I really am doing okay.

Here's where that post came from: I went to see The Color Purple (the musical) twice last week, and it has been on my mind a lot since. So when we saw the car there and I took the photo and kept thinking about the play and singing the songs in my head, that's the blog that emerged.

Truly I am feeling well, doing well, feeling loved, loving others, at peace. All is well.

But thanks for the love, nonetheless. There's never too much love in the world. Never.

jena strong said...

What a vivid picture - both the words and the image. We finally met in person in my dream last night! Nice to meet you.

Moneesha said...

What an awesome pic!! -Monee

jmgb said...

'i am here'

sometimes, all that we can breathe, sigh and cry our way through. a statement that says 'yes i am, even if i know nothing else'.

love it gail~