Wednesday, May 06, 2009

I'm going to _________ in my mind...

It doesn't take much to make me start to dream of travel again.

* seeing an airplane float by overhead
* receiving an email from a friend in Spain or Italy
* reading stories in the newspaper or online about places I'd like to visit
* being berated by someone that I thought liked me, loved me, supported me
* cleaning poop out of Maya's box in the morning

So when I found this post at a very interesting blog this morning, I began to make a mental list of the places I'd want to visit if I followed this man's advice. But first, I need to get a job - and then I can quit it in order to travel around the world. Minor details, I know...

PS. Check this post out and you will understand why Jen Lemen is one of my idols. She really is.

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