Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Spirit of Prickly Rebellion

I'm reading a new book: Brick Lane. I own the book, but it wasn't until after I rented a copy of the movie from Blockbuster a couple of weeks ago that I decided to see how the movie stacked up to the original document. Of course, I have never seen a movie that was nearly as engaging or interesting as the book. This is no exception.

FYI - Nazneen is the young, pregnant wife of a much older man, Chanu.

As I read the early pages of the book this afternoon, this quote caught my (rebellious, discontented, not always kind) eye: "Nazneen dropped the promotion from her prayers. The next day she chopped two fiery red chilies and placed them, like hand grenades, in Chanu's sandwich. Unwashed socks were paired and put back in his drawer. The razor slipped when she cut his corns. His files got mixed up when she tidied. All her chores, peasants in his princely kingdom, rebelled in turn. Small insurrections, designed to destroy the state from within."

I sooooooo know and understand the feelings and thoughts that can cause one to plan such series of small insurrections.
Or to scowl like my otherwise beautiful son did for this photo.
Can I get a witness?

Not that I would ever be brave enough to handle fiery red chilies on my own... Nor have I ever been pressed into the cutting of someone else's corns.
But still... but still.

Deep breath. Inhale. Exhale.

I love the collection of cacti and other small plants in the foyer of a dear friend of mine. On the morning when I took these photos, I was especially charmed by this one, with its fleshy white bloom.
Prickly. Menacing. Hazardous. Defiant.
Flowering. Exquisite. Alluring. Lovely.
Nonetheless. No, perhaps all the more.
It serves as a reminder of the potential for beauty even in thorny places.
In dry times. In tough spots.

I am looking forward to the remainder of the book.
So far, so great.

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