Monday, March 16, 2009

On a rainy day in Charlotte...

On February 18th, to be exact, the children and I entered the door below.
That is the front door of the lake house of a woman who has become a dear friend.

Soon after our arrival, my friend lit the fire seen below.
She made cappuccinos on her fancy machine.
I put my feet up on the table.
Ate the homemade cookies we brought.
I took photos, rested, daydreamed, sat in silence.
She and I shared secrets, laughed, cried, and I exhaled.

On this rainy day in Charlotte, March 16th to be exact,
I would LOVE to be back at that house, with that fire burning,
those thick socks on my big feet up on that solid table.
Sipping tea. Or, better yet, lapping up another of her fancy machine cappuccinos.

Talking to my friend.
Staring out the window at the lake.
Finding comfort in the steady drumming of rain on the copper roof,
the scratch of the pen on thick paper as I journal,
the flutter of pages turning as we read.
The children, upstairs, enjoy a fire of their own.


Lori said...

heck, who is this friend? I want to be there too. LOL

Amy said...

You know, that's about as close to heaven on earth as I've seen! I'd love to hide out there.

Lisa said...

Mmmm. Sounds lovely.

As I said recently, you need a break, dear Gail. A mini-vacation all your own.

*Please* schedule some time away for yourself. Or with Steve, perhaps.

Rest. Relax. Renew.

Remember: the best thing you can do for others is to take good care of yourself.

Just do it. :-)

Laurie said...

Hi Gail. I am soooo happy that you had this little retreat from the outside so that you could restore your inside! *giggle. Hope you feel rested and blessed for some time away. As always, I have enjoyed reading your posts! Hugs to you!