Monday, December 15, 2008

What can I say?

I will keep it simple: Thank you.
For the cards and notes, emails and even a blog post - thanks, Lisa.
Thanks for remembering my special day (not that I gave you much choice...)
and sending good wishes.

Dear and dearly loved church friends gave me a small surprise party.
(I'm the giant in the middle of the group!)
Along with a dozen roses and a pile of precious gifts.
Steve and the kids showered me with their own stash of goodies.

In the end, there were several bouquets of flowers and chocolate,
cake and gift cards and pajamas,
scented oil and hand-crafted gorgeousness,
jewelry and many, many hugs.
I have extremely generous friends.
More than that, I have loving, caring, giving, supportive friends.
They, you are the greatest gift of all.

Again, thank you, thank you, thank you.


Amy said...

You are loved ... even by those of us who have yet to meet you (that will change in 2009 ... I hope!)!

Lori said...

Happy Birthday, Gail.
Thanks for impacting my life.
Thanks for your Blog.
Thanks for being you.

Lan said...

Hello gail.. wow you are very kind person and very good mother I suppose. I just read a few of your posts and i just love it. I'm sure there are alots of interesting stories I haven't read yet,,but I will read them later..
nice to meet you..
I'm from malaysia, anyway..:-)