Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Joy to the World!

Health and peace and strength are ours again.

We rejoice with exceeding great joy that Kristiana feels better,
is sleeping better, eating better, and is altogether better.

Thanks for your prayers and support and encouragement.
They meant more to us than you know.

No matter what the illness, a cold or a headache, or even something more serious,
no matter what the situation, a problem at school or at work,
no matter what the present or the future,
be sure to love the ones you're with.
be sure to laugh with them,
be sure to hug them and cuddle up close.

I know it isn't always easy;
some folks are a lot easier to love than others.
Yes, indeed.
But in the end, I don't think you ever regret loving someone.
At least, I never have.

It doesn't always last forever.
And it doesn't always end well.
But I have never regretted any love
I have ever given, received, or known.

But enough of this.

She is well.
I am happy.

Joy to the world!

Addendum added on Saturday, December 6th, 7:35 pm -

Along with all of you, we continue to rejoice in Kristiana's continued restoration. Daily improvement and regaining of her strength. It's a wonderful thing to behold.

That photo was taken about two weeks before she fell ill - on her birthday at the end of October - but she's looking just that happy these days. I will post an updated photo of her this coming week.

And, yes, there has been much ice cream and cake and dancing and hugging this week! We expect it will continue.

Also - it seems like a lifetime ago that I wrote these words about her.
But it was less than six weeks. How poignant these phrases feel now...

"The road ahead through the remaining teen years may prove uneven, sometimes treacherous, perhaps dangerous. But together we will walk its every twist. Exploring. Wandering. Telling and writing and photographing the stories of our lives. We will weep and laugh, question and respond. We will live the questions and question our living. We will run into things and into each other.

And every day that I am given the chance to love this beautiful girl, I will.
Every day that I am given to teach her, to learn from her, I will.
Every day that she opens her soul to me, I will open mine to her.

On this day fifteen years ago, the trajectory of my life was altered.
Thanks be to God for this daughter of mine, this indescribable gift of Kristiana.


Amy said...

The joy is obvious in your faces. Celebrating with ice cream, I see ...!

I am grateful for your recent blessings, Gail.

Karen Maezen Miller said...

Yours is a hallelujah chorus worth singing.

Dana P. said...

I'm so glad to read this good report. May the holiday season be extra happy for you. :)

jmgb said...

beauty on you both indeed;
joy to the world, indeed.

Lisa said...

Hooray! Hallelujah!

What a GREAT photo! You both look radiant!

Jennifer/The Word Cellar said...

happy. happy. joy. joy. yay!

Coach O said...

Well, Uncle Otis is extremely happy about "Krishana's" return!! Our prayers never ceased and we knew God would answer. You know we got ur back, Sis!!

Congrats to my nephew the gifted athlete and one of the smartests kids I know!!

Debra said...

Mrs. Debi :o)