Monday, September 15, 2008

Where I have been hiding...

Question: Where have I been hiding? Well, not hiding exactly.
On second thought, maybe we were hiding from all the political buffoonery and the hurricanes and the collapse of our entire economy. (How anyone can say that the United States doesn't have problems is so far beyond all that is rational to me!)

Answer: For a few days, we were off the grid. Off the beaten path. Off the hook. Living on cliches.
On the beach. Walking for hours collecting shells. Making memories.
At Sunset Beach, North Carolina.

I really like these crazy little mileage markers. This one was outside of the Sunset Slush Italian ice place in Ocean Isle, North Carolina. As much as I would love to visit any of the places on that sign, where I sat as I looked at that sign, right there on the wicker chair outside the yellow building with all the delicious dessert safely stored inside, right there was exactly where I was supposed to be at that moment. All was right in my world, right then and right there. Bliss.

What did I choose from their extensive flavor list? Mango and lemon on Friday. Raspberry and lemon-lime on Saturday. Steve shared his watermelon and mango with me on Saturday as well. Delicioso.

This was taken on Friday morning. We arrived too early to check into our bed and breakfast, but right on time for a walk on the beach.

This is a shot of the moon as it rose over the horizon on Saturday night as we ate at The Laughing Mackerel on Ocean Isle.
What a sight!

Hopscotch with the kids while the surf rolled in.

Marveling at the moon on Saturday night. Can you see the light reflected on the water? I could have stood there all night. But there was a fox wandering the beach, and Steve and the kids didn't want to risk having a run-in with it. Me? I'm a woman who runs with wolves; what harm can a little fox do to me???

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Amy said...

You have such a lovely family, dear Gail!