Sunday, September 07, 2008

Just wondering...

So much ado about politics and politicians.
The presidential candidates.
The vice presidential candidates.
Family crises - public and private.
Teenage pregnancy.

Tonight I wondered: If Barack Obama's 17 year old daughter were pregnant,
would this discussion of teenage parenting be different?
Would there be different terms being used about unwed motherhood?
Would we be clamoring for them to be able to deal with this in private?
Would she be applauded for her choice to keep her baby and marry the father?

What would we be writing in our blogs and political columns?
Would we be sending emails around asking for prayer for Michele Obama and her family?

Or would we be shaking our heads and saying,
"Here we go again. Another black teenage girl got pregnant.
Do we want a family like this leading our nation here at home
and representing our nation abroad,
showing our teenagers what is and is not correct behavior?"

Would we be this forgiving and gracious if this girl were black???
I'm just wondering...


Jena Strong said...

You are so right, which says how far we have to go. Let's go there together.

Smell Goods Lady said...

I have to honestly say, "No." In my opinion, it is not how 'far we have to go', it is about how black people are looked upon no matter how many times we have proven ourselves. No one is no better or no worst, but the statistics and the shaking of the head weighs in heaviest on the black community.

Amy said...

I hear you, sister! The Obama girls are so darling and smart. I am truly praying they are the next First Family.

jmgb said...

i don't have to wonder; i already know unfortunately.

Karen Maezen Miller said...

Wouldn't it be nice if that scenario inspired uncertainty, but instead it's dead-solid certain how hypocrites would react. Hypocritically of course.

Del's Baby Girl said...

Because you asked the question, you know the answer. I'm glad Sen. Obama took the high road though. Have you thought about why they haven't gone after her Pentecostal church roots like they did Obama's pastor? Nice post.

Lisa said...

All valid questions. No pat or easy answers.

Today, my mind wonders how the conversations would go if said 17-year old daughter was openly gay.

The degree-of-sin slide is a very slippery slope. One which indoctrinated religious folks (white, black, or otherwise) seem to be adept at navigating, all too blindly, unfortunately.

Let us be the change we wish to see and speak our truths in love, regardless of public opinion, dogma, or past rhetoric. Ultimately, the answers are in the Now. That is where our power exists. And it starts with looking in the mirror.

What is true for you, for me today? At this very moment?

Ella said...

We have a long way to go in changing many things in life, including in the polotical areana. Polotics dictates so many aspects of our lives.

This is a tough subject to delve into with no easy answers. And yes, we do have a long way to go. But it's a start in the right direction. I hope a postive one for we do need real change. Not cheap talk to help many.

I'm happy to see Obama in the election. We are all equal as stated in a comment above, but sometimes it doesn't feel that way.

E said...

Hola Gail:
Tienes razón: creo que no sería lo mismo. Una mujer contraria a la educación sexual en las escuelas va a ser abuela (y quizás, vicepresidenta)........... Tal vez ahora los republicanos tengan que hacer un poco de autocrítica.