Friday, July 11, 2008

Simple Abundance

Lisa wrote this: "Indeed, bliss does not come from striving. It comes in the ease and flow and everyday stuff that life is made of. It's up to us to recognize and embrace it. And now my arms are wide open. Where's your bliss coming from these days?"

Where does my bliss come from these days?
The simplest pleasures of life. The quiet moments. The slow moments.
The smiles across the classroom. Laughter in the minivan with the kids.
The insightful and delightful stories on NPR. Ceiling fans. Incense.
And a few other things as well.

* Watching my son play his first competitive tennis match today. His goal was to win one game - not one set, not the whole match, just one game. You see, he began to play in earnest just two weeks ago. He decided he wanted to play against people other this his immediate family members. After I got over being offended by that desire, I encouraged him to "go for it." The final score was 6-1, 6-2. He won three games! Broke his opponent's serve twice.

* Sitting courtside with Steve and Kristiana under a shade tree.

* Going to a homeschool bookfair this evening with Steve. Having him lean in close and say, "You definitely don't look like the stereotypical homeschooling mom." I said, "Thanks be to God." We both laughed!

* Two blissful sessions of teaching Spanish at PDS this week. Beginning to ponder the possibility of applying to teach there next summer.

* After yesterday's 90 minute session together, one of the students said to the other, "Wow, that went by fast." Music to this teacher's ears!

* I've lost three of the six almond-cluster pounds I'd complained about earlier this week.

* Earl gray tea with demerara sugar.

* Playing card games and Scrabble with Daniel while Kristiana was at school.

* Reading the inspiring blogs of women I admire. (See the side bar on this page.)

* Seeing my words on someone else's blog.

* Beginning to pack for Blogher where I will meet several of those powerful, ingenious, creative, courageous wordsmiths.

* Anticipating late night conversations, early morning coffee-powered exchanges, journaling my way through the conference sessions, solitude on my way to and from the airport, flying. I love to travel!

* Four consecutive days of rain here in Charlotte this week. Deep soaking rains.

* Drying towels and wet clothes after Steve and Daniel danced on the deck in the rain.

* Being 850 pages into a 973 page book - Pillars of the Earth. And loving it. Not much is more blissful to me than a good book, a cup of tea, and some dainty nibbles.

* Having one of the women in my journaling class come in on Wednesday night and say, "I am so glad to be here. I've been looking forward to this all week. It's great to be with family."

* Several conversations this week with friends whose concern for a challenge I am facing these days was deep and true. Your prayers are being heard and answered, Lisa, Karen, Cathy, and Bonnie. Thank you all.

* Acknowledging some of the many blessings I have received in this life is bliss!


Amy said...

Simple abundance ... yes! You have had many blessings this week, Gail. I love the one about Steve and Daniel dancing in the rain!

Lisa said...

Yes, yes, yes! I love this post! Thank you for sharing.

And, those words you wrote on Luliloo's blog? Where in the world did that come from? Incredible poise, honesty, insight, rich, deep, *true* stuff.

My goodness, I am sooooo happy and blessed to know you and call you my friend :-)

Shelby said...

You and Lisa both, have such inspiring and beautiful and reflective thots.. and put them to print so eloquently to share with us. Thank you.

Honesty of the soul.. seems rare. I am drawn to your bravery, and others like you--those who dare it.