Thursday, July 31, 2008

Meet my new friend, Joe

Four friends, really. I met them in San Francisco.
And then I sucked them dry.
And one petite little flower, Jasmine - as in tea.
In Chinatown.

What a city! What a time!
What great coffee!!!


Amy said...

You know ... those photos say a lot about life. We're all alike in more ways than we know, but we have those beautiful individual personalities

Jena Strong said...

For this reason alone, I wish I had been there! (And I'm sure there would have been a million others.) Yum.

Lisa said...

I love, love, love knowing that I was at the tables with you in three of those photos :-)


Jennifer/The Word Cellar said...

Is that my hand holding the menu in the last photo?

I've been on a serious coffee kick since San Francisco. So glad to have shared some tasty hot beverages with you.