Thursday, May 15, 2008

"There is so much beauty"

A bird bath at Wing Haven. Why wouldn't a bird - or any living creature - want to plunge into this warm and wet and inviting bowl?

One of my favorite books (and movies) of all time is The Bridges of Madison County. Yes, it's about adultery. It's also about love and passion and family and commitment.
And beauty.

When Francesca, the protagonist, dies, she lives behind a series of journals and letters for her two adult children. At the end of her writings and her life, she pleads with her children to go out into the world and see it, live it, enjoy it.
Why? Because "there is so much beauty."


I have spent quite a bit of time this morning on the telephone with my dear Lisa and her husband Doug.
I have surfed the net, read email, admired iCards recently received, checked in on a few of my favorite blogs.
And found a new one that I really, really like.

And in each place, at each stop, with each query, I have seen it: Beauty.

What beauty have you seen this morning?

I tried to take a photo of a baby bird on a branch. No, your eyes do not deceive you; it's not there. The bird was so small that I assumed that, even though I couldn't see it in the view finder, it was there. Indeed, it was there --> on the branch just above the one seen in the photo.

Here's the thing; even though I didn't capture the bird, I did manage to capture a beautiful branch and part of a wonder-filled tree.

Lesson: There is so much beauty - even in "the mistakes" of our lives.

This is my big beautiful boy sitting on a miniature chair at Wing Haven.


Shalet said...

There is beauty indeed!

Jena Strong said...

This is lovely. So glad to be here with you.