Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Nothing doing...

Nothing to worry about.
Nothing to plan for.
Nothing to fret over.

No critters to fear.
No unending list of chores to complete.
No complicated meals to prepare.
No medications to take or doctors to visit.
No bills to pay.

No walls to paint or wallpaper.
No floors to mop or rugs to clean.
No dog to feed or walk or groom.
Nothing to scrub off the tiles in the shower or the tub.
Nothing to sweep off the walkway or the driveway.

There are no papers or cans or bottles to recycle.
There are no homeschooling lessons to teach.
There is no pile of unfinished books to read.
There is no journaling class to prepare for.

There is nothing to do right now.

Nothing at all to do - except sit.
Quietly, at peace. Gently, at rest.
Breathing. Smiling. Giving thanks.

I've gotta go and do nothing.


Lori said...

Only in my dreams Gail, although I am doing nothing because I am forced to. I have pneumonia, so I can relate to doing nothing. I am not allowed to. Catch my latest post.

lisa said...

Hmmm. I sense some progress here. Right?

Good for you!

Thank you for reminding me to bask in exactly the same kind of moment. Ahhhh.....

Amy said...

I'll take a day like that, Gail. I WANT day like that!

Give thanks in all things!