Saturday, December 15, 2007

Many Thanks...

Another photo from my recent trip to NYC. This was my beautiful little cheesecake - dessert after lunch at The Met. Who wouldn't want to take a photo of this masterpiece before devouring it in three or four large gulps? Yum, yum! I celebrated life, liberty, and the pursuit of dessert that glorious afternoon. (I dab the tears from the corners of my weary eyes and groan a little inside when I see those glasses on the table. Boo-hoo... Turns out I'll be able to replace them after the New Year. I am enormously grateful for medical insurance.)


It never ceases to amaze me how the internet - the blogging world, in particular - brings complete strangers together in ways that "regular" life never would. People who live clear across the country feel and act closer to me than people I see on a regular basis.

Email, cards, e-cards, and thoughtfully chosen, carefully packaged gifts have arrived here from near and far wishing me a happy birthday. Thank you to all of you who have celebrated my life with me over these past few days. It means more to me than you will know. So very much more.

Curious factoid: On the one hand, I have received several celebratory birthday greetings from people who have never met me face to face. On the other end of the relational spectrum, my three brothers have (once again!) failed to acknowledge my birthday. I am the youngest of four children and the only female/sister. How can they forget about me so completely and so frequently? It saddens me to admit that this has happened so many times that it doesn't surprise me anymore. The truth is that I am surprised when they do remember.

With that factoid in mind, I send out an extra "Thank you" to all of you who have filled in and served as the sisters I've never had. (No worries about hurting my brothers' feelings as none of them read my blog - at least not that they have ever acknowledged. We'll see if this comment brings about a response of some kind...)

PS. It's raining here in Charlotte - a nice steady rain.
We need every drop of it.
Thanks be to God.


giovanna said...

happy belated bday gail!

Shelby said...

glad you are having such a wonderful celebration of friends and love :)

Amy said...


You have many who love you, including yours truly (even though we haven't met face to face). I hope your day was wonderful. We're getting rain, too, and it is beautiful!

Laurie said...

boys have "cooties" anyway..... *smile. (especially brothers!) WE LOVE YOU GAIL! Your cheesecake looked yummy!