Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hope you had a merry Christmas...

It was a good day for us yesterday, quiet.
Mom and Mom-in-law came for brunch at 9 am.
Both were on their way home by noon.
A quiet afternoon here.
Cleaning up. Putting dining room linens away.
Munching on cookies and other goodies.
Went to the movies with Kristiana to see "Juno."

(It's a movie about a teenager who gets pregnant. How the baby's father responds. How her family responds. How her friends and school respond. Abortion or adoption. Who decides? Based on what premise? If you know a teenage girl or have a teenage girl or are a teenage girl, it's worth a viewing and a frank discussion of "what would happen if that happened to me/you/us?" It is well worth seeing if you have a teenage boy as well; after all, she didn't get pregnant alone. Don't you just love how discussions/rants that focus on the topics of sex, pregnancy, birth control, and abortion are focussed almost exclusively on women? But that's a-whole-nother discussion.)

Back here for some list-checking, packing, journaling, and then I crawled into bed at 10 pm. Exhausted.

Up now. Final packing.
A little bit of panic and disbelief.
Am I really leaving here in less than four hours for Spain? Really?
I guess it's true; time flies whether or not you are having fun.

I will try to post a few blogs while I am away.
I will certainly be doing lots of thinking about future writing.
I will be wishing you all a Happy New Year when the clock strikes 12 in Madrid.

And I will be back in twelve days.

Off I go on another adventure.
Traveling mercies to one and all.



Lisa said...

Please know my heart and thoughts are with you as you set out on yet another journey. You carry a piece of me with you.

I am wishing you much peace, wonder, safety, adventure, and delight as you travel. I cannot wait to hear your stories and learn of the life-changing moments you will experience over the next 12 days.

Blessings and big long hugs to you, my friend,


Amy said...

Godspeed, brave woman! I will hold you close in my thoughts and prayers. Enjoy every precious moment ... and be safe.

Laurie said...

Gail, I have been to both places and it marvelously wonderful! I am a teeny green with envy. What a thoughtful, loving husband you have. Blessings for a memorable trip and bring home a lots of stories.