Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ten Things You Will Always Find

This is a photo of my journal from yesterday afternoon. I was sitting at Daniel's baseball practice (notice the bleachers around the edges of the photos) with pens and gluesticks, various things I'd printed off the computer, and lots of goodies cut out of Skirt magazine. Collages. List-making. Reading. All kinds of creative and colorful fun. And all of it came out of my magical, mysterious handbag... Read on!

In My Purse/Pocketbook/Mini Suitcase. The huge Baggallini satchel I haul around with me everywhere I go.

1. A cosmetic pouch with various lip glosses, hand gel, Listerine strips, a small mirror, and extra keys for the house and the car.

2. A pen case with a dozen colored pens and a glue stick.

3. A small notebook for notes, grocery lists, and ideas for future writings.

4. A Bible.

5. A small digital camera.

6. My calendar.

7. A glasses case with whichever pair of glasses I'm not wearing - either my sunglasses or my regular glasses.

8. My wallet.

9. The remote control alarm setter for the house.

10. Gum, mints, or candy of some kind.


Most of the time, I also have my journal, a book to read, my iPod, a snack of some kind, a ziploc bag with a toothbrush and toothpaste, and a large pencil case with other kinds of pens, markers, scissors, and more glue sticks.

On occasion, I will carry an umbrella and a sweater or scarf of some kind.

I have even been known to carry bug spray, sunscreen, treats for the movies, jelly bean stashes, and magazines.

This bag can weigh up to 15 pounds at any given time. When I wear tank tops or stare at myself in the mirror before I am fully dressed, my right shoulder is visibly larger than my left. I have no regrets about my asymmetry. I am a collector and carrier of stuff. I cannot imagine leaving home without any of my stuff.

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Amy said...


I need YOUR bag! You cannot believe what's crammed into my somewhat small (but stylish!) one. My car is much cleaner and more organized than my purse.