Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A few links to check out...

Who wouldn't feel creative in a space like this?

This is the kind of radical honesty I aspire to...

A tired mummy's blog of quotes relating to war and peace: look here.

Amy's blog about communion: look here.

It's nice to be remembered and spoken well of... it really is. (Scroll down to the piece dated October 8, 2007)

You have six weeks to live. You have an audience of 400 people who want to hear your parting thoughts. What would you tell them? Listen to this guy.

Do something simple, quick, and in support of cancer research. Go to this website and click the big pink box. No purchase. No info to give away. And while you are there, follow the other links at the top of the page to click and support other worthy causes. It's free to you, but makes a difference in lives of other people and in the life of our planet.


jmgb said...

Thanks Gail...I feed off your openness, your transparency, your acceptance.
Hope to write soon,
Bless you.

Amy said...


I'm touched by your link to my blog. One of these days I'm going to take the time to learn the techincal aspects of blogging and will include your link on my own site!


Lisa said...

SOOOO impressed that you made it on Leonie's blog!!!

Thanks for the links :-)


Anonymous said...

Honesty is something the world turns from these days. Sometimes we have to lead with our words to get people to follow.

Written with bold frankness and with heart.