Thursday, September 06, 2007

In Honor of Real Friends

At baseball games this summer, Daniel (19) and his buddy, Grant (8), spent hours together. Talking. Laughing. Sharing sunflower seeds. Planning sleepovers and playdates. I envied their easy and full acceptance of each other.

First of all, take a peek to the right of the screen and check out the quote I found embedded in the musings of a writer in an online journaling group I am part of. I've never read The Count of Monte Cristo, but perhaps I ought to. That quote is a gem.

Secondly, I think I have found one of the best descriptions of friendship ever. You can find it here. It is well worth the five minutes it will take you to read it. It prompted me to think about the people in my life that I love this way. To think about the people in my life that I want to love this way. To make plans to reach out to them and tell them that I love them.

I am enormously grateful that I have known that kind of friendship, that kind of deep soulful love in my life. I have known love/deep connection at first sight more than once. I have wallowed in the gloriously mysterious kind of love that is inexplicable, irrational, and irresistible. The depth of insight, generosity, and genuineness that defies logic but is undeniable. The retelling of tales, sharing of laughter and tears, the exchange of photographs and letters, artwork and music, the film and book recommendations, and all the other innumerable ways in which our souls, minds, and lives are irretrievably intertwined. The telephone calls, the emails, the silences. Always present in mind and heart, in bookstores and airports, at home and abroad.

I have known that kind of love.
You know who you are.
Thank you.


jmgb said...

mmm, that quote is yummy. I'll read it with you.

Shelby said...

the Count quote piereced me.

Funny you wrote about friends.. I have a friend issue this week. It's troubling me. I'm glad you posted this.

I'll write about it in a few days (if I remember)..I'm so bad about staying in touch with my friends. Then they get mad. One in particular. She called me and left me a voice mail informing me of her disappointment.

Makes me wanna crawl in a hole. Now I've gotta call her (not that I didn't want to - just that I get/got caught up in my life-business). Just in a fix today I guess.

But your post again made me rethink my thots. And I thank you.

Amy said...


That's a great quote! I've never read "The Count of Monte Cristo," but this excerpt could have been written by me (maybe not as eloquently, but certainly with heart!). It really speaks to me.

Blogging has been great therapy for me. It's enabled me to shed my slef-constructed masks and attempt to be authentic.

Keep writing!