Thursday, September 13, 2007

If You Really Want To Know Me...

Two years ago, I took my children to Madrid and spent a month with them there. The closest metro/subway station to our apartment was called "Iglesia," which means "church" in Spanish. This is the church that the station was named for. I wandered through our old neighborhood when I was in Spain this past January and took this photo. I miss our tiny little place. What memories we made!

I was looking at jen gray's blog earlier this week (on September 10th, to be exact) and copied a game of tag from her site and brought it here.

*a special talent :
I can find a spiritual lesson in nearly every situation: ants, drought, swimming pool problems, cleaning up after the dog, there's a lesson in everything.

*a secret nobody knows:
there is one room in my house that I really dislike. I won't say which room it is, but I never like spending time there.

*a personality trait you find attractive:
thoughtfulness, as in aptness to think about issues and situations seriously and deeply

*a personality trait you find unattractive:
a complaining spirit

*a song that melts you :
What the Lord Has Done In Me, by Hillsong

*the biggest truth you have learned this year:
When in doubt, stop and breathe. I often tell myself,
"Stop, Gail. Live this moment fully. Breathe this, right here and now."

an item you are currently coveting :
a three-bedroom apartment in the center of Madrid.

The photo below is of a building there that I would LOVE to live in.
Too bad it's a school... but a girl can dream, can't she?

*what gives you peace :
prayer and solitude - with my journal, a good book, and a cup of sweet coffee.

*what perfume are you currently wearing:
Moor, from

*do you dream much? :
Yes, often. My dreams are vivid, too. Most frequently, I dream that I am having animated conversations with friends. I also dream a lot about swimming: instead of walking or driving in my dreams, I swim everywhere I need to go. In my dreams, I am a very good swimmer.

*what word(s) do you tend to say too much :
"exactly, exactly" - and - "right, right."

*in high school, what kind of teen were you? :
I was one of those kids who floated from group to group with no solid allegiances. I loved being alone even then.

*describe yourself in 5 words:
outgoing, curious, talkative, easily amazed.

*a weird quirk:
I play with my hair a lot.

*have you ever been in love? :
I am always in love - with my husband, my children, my closest friends, the full moon, my journal, and long distance travel. I fall in love often.

*has your heart ever been broken?:
I am always heart-broken too. By many of the people I know and love, and also by politicians, thieves, liars, greedy people, ostentatious people, and hypocrites.

*favorite thing(s) to wear?:
knee-length, a-line skirts, v-neck t-shirts, and multi-colored flats - all with matching accessories, of course.

This is a photo of the Thyssen Museum in Madrid, one of my favorite places to spend three or four hours. To wander, sit, think, journal, and take a photo of my foot as proof that I am here... See my blog from earlier this year: How do I know I'm actually here?

I love to travel, in body, mind, and soul - but especially in body.
USAir, American, Continental, anybody with a pilot's license,
take me away.


Shelby said...

lovely .. lovely post.

Amy said...


This is beautiful, both your recollections and the photos. What an incredible experience you and your children must have had in Spain! I love your point about "am I actually here?" Hmm ... I need to take more photos of my foot or hand or some other bdy part to prove I'm at certain places. Great idea, especially when there's no one else to snap the photo!

I may want to "borrow" the list you borrowed from Jen. Very throught provoking!

I hope your mouth's healing well. It took nearly a year for my tooth that received a root canal and crown to feel normal again.


Anonymous said...

You don't need a degree to be a writer or poet. Just heart... of which you have.