Monday, July 16, 2007

Now that I know how to add photos...

This photo was taken while Kristiana and I were doing one of the things we love most: sitting quietly in a coffee shop - in this case it was The Smelly Cat here in Charlotte - having something sweet to drink while writing sweet (or perhaps not-so-sweet) words in our journals.

One day last December, I decided to try taking a self-portrait in our bathroom, standing in front of the mirror above my sink. I took several shots and liked them all. This is my favorite.

The very next day, Kristiana took the camera into our bathroom, stood in front of Steve's sink, and took a few photos of herself. The amazing thing is that she didn't know I'd taken mine just the day before. I guess great minds do think alike.

This is a photo I took while on the trip to Sevilla last October. A gallery of open doorways beneath a small arena (think of the colosseum in Rome) caught my eye as we were making our way out of the little Roman-built village. I loved the interplay between the light and the shadows. What a telling metaphor for my life - Loving the light, but also longing to hide in the shadows so much of the time...

FYI - For those of you keeping score at home... For some reason that I cannot recall at the moment, I gave this photo the label "monastery gallery," but it is from the arena in a small village outside of Sevilla.

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Andrew said...

Photos!! Nice! You are now utilizing the other half of the Internet, other than text. =)

Very cool!